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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Evil Dead - 8/10 Very pleased with this film as a fan of the original trilogy. I prefer the original trilogy for the humor, but what this lacked in humor it tried to make up by being more intense and bloody

Jurassic Park (IMAX 3D) - 9.5/10 I already knew this is a 9.5 for me because I have seen it many many times before, which is why I had to catch it on a big screen with giant speakers. The 3D was not the reason I went, but it was cool to see it in that form since I've seen it 2D many times before. Usually, I stop noticing the 3D in a movie after the first 10-15 minutes. In this movie, that mostly stayed true, but there were moments that I noticed it again, and one scene in particular was actually made quite a bit cooler in 3D (when the girl is falling through the ceiling and the camera looks down at her while a raptor is jumping up to get her. Probably the best post-production 3D I've seen (so this excludes movies like Prometheus and Avatar).
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