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Default 1on1 moves against taller, longer defenders

Hey all. I'm just a pick-up player who likes to play ball with my friends/whoever's at the court. I'm 5'6, speedy, solid handles, tricky lay-up maker, with a streaky jumpshot.

One of my friends inparticular is a great defender. He's about 6'1, very long arms, quick, and very aggressive on defense.

Most defenders generally back away from me to encourage my jumpshot and discourage me from driving. But this guy (and others like him) are able to guard my jumpshot with their length while also being in position to stop the drive. He also does a great job of blocking my lay-ups from behind when I do get past him.

From a bball IQ standpoint, I generally just tone down my game against these guys, become more of a passer/defender, and try to get my points in non 1 on 1 situations. But what are some ways to attack these types when I do need to go 1on1? For instance, I'll be on a team where I'm the only real creator, and I can't just pass the ball off every time. Sometimes you need to attack and score. But I need more nuance to my game instead of just being about speed. What are some ways you get these guys off balance?
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