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Default Re: Should we somehow try to get rid of Amare?

Originally Posted by franchize
I think we should make a play for Dwight. Sounds farfetched but if they don't make the playoffs, it may not be. After seeing lopsided trade after lopsided trade, I don't put anything past any GM. I think if we put Amare and Tyson on the trade block and get multiple teams involved, we may be able to pull it off. I HIGHLY doubt it, but just hypothetically, may work.
Only one problem.....

The team is over the cap and luxury tax and effective the upcoming season, teams in this state cannot execute sign and trades.

Only teams below the tax can do so.

That's what happens when 40 mil is tied to two players.

Besides Dwight actually can play and no one thinks amare can play more than 20 minutes if he comes back at alll.

Why would the Lakers consider this, when they are trying to get under the luxury tax themselves?
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