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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
You haven't posted a pic in almost a decade. So...? How can you actually comment on someone's photo?

I recall you asking about men's hair loss and how to deal with it. LOL, and you can deny it all you want saying it was about a "friend of yours" when everyone reading this knows the real truth.

My God dude... why even open your mouth. We all know you hate LOJ, but that was an obvious trap you walked ran into.

I have posted a recent photo in which you commented on. Memory loss is next on the menu since your hair dearly departed?

Can we address the real issue here? You're a grown man putting up a middle finger in a photo. Why? I didnt even go in on how you arent wearing a shirt yet find the need to post that on a predominantly all male msgboard. And are you in a bathroom again? Your favorite location to take pix. Nothing strange, weird, off about this right? You're going to go into WWE character mode and just take the attention off of addressing this into some charade of how you're a billy badass here. Our past e-beefs and other predictable yet yawn worthy nonsense.

You're the same clown who says "you argue with teenagers all day gobb" yet is posting a shirtless bathroom (is it?) photo while throwing the middle finger up. If I were you? I wouldnt reply to me. I'd ignore, take the pic down because no one quoted it and move on. Whatever

Sidenote: I know u kept checking this thread to see if I replied. You can stop now. Its here...
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