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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Maybe a stupid question, but after defeating the game, how do you guys tend to go about earning achievements? For instance, I think I found something like 67/80 voxophones. Do you guys just start over and look closer?

Also, is money all re-gainable? As in, if I scoured the second level my first time around and found every piece of money, will it all return when I beat the game and come back to that level again?

Originally Posted by ballup
Yes. Infinite doesn't ruin much about the original Bioshock storywise. There's no skyline obviously, but you still get guns and super powers. Only thing I didn't like was the hacking minigame, which gets really annoying.
Nice. Good stuff. Thank you. I've been reading up a little on the first Bioshock and as I've become more comfortable with the style of this series, I'm actually pretty anxious to give that one a shot.

Originally Posted by CeltsGarlic
Oh, and sniper riffle is the best weapon. Hands down. Especially on PC where you can easily always aim for the head in a milliseconds.

Overall really memorable game, will try Tomb Raider later.
I went through the game my first time mostly using Golden Eye logic, meaning I cherished the rocket launcher and kept it on me at all times, then usually had a machine gun or shotgun as my primary weapon.

However, after reading your comment, I'm now going back through the game and giving the sniper rifle another shot. The first time through I only used it for the necessary sniping of snipers and assumed it wouldn't help me much elsewise (Perfect Dark multiplayer logic). But man, after going out of my way to use it now, it's actually a lot of fun. Satisfying to stay out of range of non-sniping targets then completing head shots, something I struggled to do using other weapons.

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