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Default Re: Has anyone tried the Ektio breakaways or any Ektio shoes?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
They make me a little nervous. Watch the video of Kevin Ware going down and see how much his ankle gives. If you prevent an ankle roll then the impact is just going to move up to the next weakest point.

Let us know how they feel though, they look pretty heavy.

I understand what you saying but that Ware incident was a freak injury. Wouldn't ankle braces cause other injuries too since they restrict movement of the ankle? They said on their website that it doesn't cause other injuries but I haven't yet to play in them. The shoes are fairly light. But I prefer heavier shoes similar to old school bball shoes than some of the new light ones. I feel like light shoes don't provide support because of less material. I'll let you know about the shoes when I play in them though
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