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Default Re: When a proffessional player comes out gay...

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I think if it is the NFL and the player is an active starter it will be a huge story...

a former SF 49ers scrub came out just last year and it got little news...the player needs to be active and he needs to be a starter, someone that actually has a key role

in the NBA it would still be big I think but just not as big as the NFL, mostly due to the fact that the NFL is much more popular in general as well as more "macho"

a football locker room is one of the most homophobic settings there is...anyone here that has played football I am sure heard the word "f@g" on a daily basis not only from teammates but perhaps even the coaches as well...

And they'll shut up, they'll be maybe one or two players who say something and they'll get skewered by the media. You can't discriminate like that openly. And it's against the wishes of the PA, they'll hammer you. If the PA is saying not to say anything, the team is saying not to say anything, and society is standing behind you with a hangmans noose asking you if you have a problem? You don't.

It will get attention for a short time but it will be forced attention. ESPN shouting LOOK AT THIS STORY! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

It's 2013, people are gay. Anyone who hasn't figured this out has issues.
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