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Default East asian exchange students - your experience?

In Sweden we have plenty of exchange students from east asia, mainly chinese and korean and I keep getting dumbfounded by how plenty of them behave.

I've been living in dorms with a shared kitchen before in Sweden and now I'm currently in one as well because me and my girlfriend are waiting to move in to our new apartment which we just bought.

Anyway, where I live now I share kitchen with 3 chinese, 2 korean and one jamaican student and the east asian students live like pigs. And it's been the same every time I've shared kitchen with east asian exchange students, they are socially retarded and they never speak with anyone who's not a fellow countrymen and they are dirty as hell. I've been doing their dishes since I got back from the US because the pigs never clean their stuff after cooking and they don't through out the garbage either.

I've been in a couple of East Asian countries before and I never experienced anything of what I'm seeing now. Is it the younger generation that is like this or what?

And yeah, CharlesOakley is a bitch.
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