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Default Re: be honest: your ever sent a dick pic?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
What's the point of sending a d!ck pic when you can pull some imitation romance novel dirty talk outta your ass and tickle her imagination aka VULVA.

them sensual hoez dig 50 shades of grey fo a reazon ya know. they dont get eggzited like we do from seein dat cameltoe.

Roses are red, you are blue.
Blue like the sky, give me a high five
My hands down your pants, feeling your ding ding dong
I wanna make love to you all night long

Sweden is cold, my heart is warm
My demeanor is calm but just by seeing you I get turned on

We are way a part, you in Australia and me in Scandinavia
I couldn't care less, I want to pass the test, the test that leads to your heart
I never want anything to set us apart

I love you, J.
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