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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

Originally Posted by StroShow4
I can confidently attest that the majority of Jamaican people are obnoxious. Especially the women.

Have met too few jamaicans to make such a statement but my neighbor is actually a good kid. Although you can tell that he's from a 3rd world country and that he's brainwashed with nonsense about christianity like many other people are from developing countries where religion has a big stage in their culture and lives.

His jamaican friend is the most obnoxious female I've ever met though, seriously, so extremely arrogant and ignorant. She is always dead serious and she feels free to make fun of everyone else but as soon as someone makes the most friendly joke about her she gives people "the look" and act like she's the most amazing person ever.

But again, I've met too few jamaicans so I won't judge millions of people based on like 5 people.
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