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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

In America atleast we were always taught that Hitler killed loads of gypsies, along with communists and trade unionists and homosexuals and polish, maybe they don't talk about the holocaust in europe as much as they do in US schools.

Also, not all are dirt poor. My cousin worked for the UN in Kosovo. This is what he told me about 7 years ago so I don't know how it is now. But apparently the gypsies dress in dirty clothes and beg on the streets there while at the same time they own the biggest mansion in the city and several expensive sports cars. They all team up their money together over there and they earn alot. Of course I'm not saying they live in the lap of luxury, but not all of them have it as bad as you'd believe based on how they often look begging in the streets. In Oslo too I remember there is a graveyard next to Frognerparken, the biggest park in the city, and the largest and most expensive grave belongs to a self proclaimed "Queen of the gypsies". That's what it said on her tombstone atleast. It was atleast twice as big as any other graves in the graveyard, complete with a massive color photo and loads of fresh flower bouquets around the grave. Other graves were dirty and hers was polished. Pretty sure Henrik Ibsen was even buried there and the gypsy queens grave dwarfed his.

Yep I agree with you though, they're one of those races I never hear anyone defend if a racist remark is made about them. Not cool.

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