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Default Re: 1on1 moves against taller, longer defenders

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
A lot of the better short players at 1v1 that I've played against are extremely good with headfakes. Good defenders are taught to watch the waist but even the best defenders are beaten with these moves.

Examples: For the purpose of this I'll assume you are a righty

Start with the ball at the top of the key, stare the defender right in the eys, take 1 big dribble right(get as low to the ground as possible) that should take you to around free throw line area, now look up at the basket( this is key) and rise up a little bit out of your bend. If you put enough power into the first dribble it should be able to rise up your neck area but make sure to still keep the ball under your hand( this is so you can keep your dribble). Even though you aren't actually pumpfaking the headfake plus you getting out of your stance should be enough to draw a reaction from him. If he doesn't bite just continue to bring that ball up in the same hand, bring the guide hand over and knock down the shot. If he does bite, bend down really low again( this is the advantage of being short) and either cross the ball over and explode to the basket and finish left, or use a hesitation/ in & out dribble and keep the ball in the same hand and finish there.
The shorter guy in this 1v1 clip, Zeke is really good at this move and others.

Now I know a lot of people don't like the fluff in hoop mixtapes but you can learn a lot from watching guys like trevor dunbar.

Pay attention to his movements, he uses jabs in every direction(front, sideways, reverse) and his headfakes are unbelievable.

Thank you sir (madame?). I think headfakes are a weakness of my game. I fall into the trap of relying on my speed because it's usually good enough against the local competition. I will try out this move you described this weekend.
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