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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

Originally Posted by FPJ
I dont understand your question. They said romanians not gypsies but they could have meant gypsies. Is there any difference?

Edit: I see you're from Bulgaria so you might know better since they mentioned bulgarians as well.

I though you were Romanian. Yeah theres a huge difference. Whole eastern Europe is plagued by them Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia and so on.

These people ethnically do not belong to any of the mentioned nations. They are believed to originate from India, but no one knows for sure. The thing is that they are born here and according to the constitution they get citizenship. And on their ID/Passport under nationality it says Bulgarian/Romanian, you get the picture. I believe the situation is the same in many countries around the world, if a person is born on your land he gets citizenship.

That tactic i think was massively used by emigrants from north African countries that want to migrate to France. For instance a whole family enters illegally France, while the wife is pregnant in the 8th month, she gives birth there and there you go a brand new citizen of France. And the whole family gets to stay and is entitled to social benefits.

Back on the gypsies, they have been around for couple of hundred years. Their population has exploded in the last 20 years for some reason(after the fall of the communism). They usually live in a separate neighborhood which in most cases looks like the 3rd world. I've seen many pictures from Romania where they live in tents or abandoned buildings. They are uneducated, barely speak local languages. In my country the people that speak proper Bulgarian is probably less than 1 in 1000 (personal observation). They steal a lot (usually metal to sell for scrap or copper wires), domestic crime is something usual. Two weeks ago there's a dispute in one of those neighborhoods, two dead.

Now the worst part they have plenty of kids, girls giving birth at the age as early as 13. I remember seeing on tv several identical cases where a 28 old woman is a grandmother. I've seen other under the age of 30 having 7-8 kids. They rely mostly on social benefits.

As i mentioned they are uneducated so you can image what qualifications and skills they have. Big part of them barely graduates elementary school, another big part 8th grade and the number of successfully finishing high school is a joke. Although the number might be slightly higher in the last several years because of the dropping standards in school.

They have a tradition to buy their brides. There was TV investigation about "marketplace" meeting for buying wives. Girls as young as 13-14 getting sold. The son usually don't get choose his wife. I've spoke with one that lives in my neighborhood and he told that he doesn't love his wife but didn't had a choice. When you pay for your wife, you have to return your investment so you send your wife to steal in western Europe. I've also seen underage prostitutes (11-13-14-15... you get the point).

Also they have a hierarchy in their own ethnicity, Kardarashi being on the bottom. Ross Camp did a show on them, but i wouldn't recommend as it's lame and doesn't represent the reality as it is. The guy that lives in my hood is on top the hierarchy. But he is still uneducated and a criminal. I remember talking counterfeit money and trying to smuggle them in a country in western europe.

Gypsies are recognized as good dancers/singers. But i hate their music because its moraly degrading and resembles too much oriental music.

There was another publication about gypsies in Germany. There are LOTS of compaints, becasue some of them moved there, took over an abandoned building and settle there. And basically continue with their usual lifestyle filling for social benefits, which they are entitled to because they are EU citizens (which in western europe are IN SEVERAL TIMES higher than eastern) dumpster diving, a bit of stealing, begging, prostituation and so on.

Same story aplies about them in UK as well when it comes to social benefits.

I've had two of them in my elementary class. Had no interest in school subject by the end of 2nd grade they had to start it again. In highschool met another one he was 16 and still in the 7th grade. He had been married once but "returned" the wife because she had asthma. It was obvious that his dad was some kind of rich on a local scale that's why he stayed in school.

Physical they look different from ethnical, they seem to shorter than average bulgarians, and also their skin color is from light brown to dark brown. Very much resembling Indians.

Couple of years ago France was so fed up with them they deported 1000 of them back to Romania and Bulgaria. Heres report this time about Norway complaing about them and even threatening to leave Shengen because of the problem.
The 1000 that were deported from France, were given 50(or 500 cant remember exactly) Euro and free plane ride back "home". Another win for the multicultural society of EU.

Heres another video thats shows english house representative in of the ghetto on the outskrits of your capital The video speaks for itself.

For comparison heres another video of the capital city Sofia: The city itself was founded 5k years before Rome.

Another gypsy ghetto in Bulgaria:

Heres' their music what it sounds like:

Also they are involved in MASSIVE voter fraud, their votes selling as cheap as ~13$.

and so on and on...

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