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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

Originally Posted by fiddy
Theres also truth here. They organize begging rings and move to other countries. But i am too tired right now.

Little known fact is that Bulgaria is the only country that saved its jews during WW2. 45k lives were saved. On paper we were Germany ally but in reality not. After the war began Hitler quickly reached our north border with 1.5 million well trained and cutting edge technology army for the time. We had two chances to comply with them or fight them. We let them pass through the territory but never a single bulgarian sodlier fought on their side. Greece denied the same request and were crushed in 1 week.
Jewish lobby is much stronger in the USA and thats the reason they talk more about that piece of history.

They deserve it, trust me.
Props to Bulgaria.
Denmark and Albania also did good to save their jews. The King of Denmark supported and defended Danish Jews. Basically when Hitler asked for the Jews, the Danes said no, and Hitler did nothing to punish them and he did not forcibly extract Jews from Denmark. They were safe there. Maybe if every country had stood up to him like that the holocaust would not have been so big, but also maybe Hitler only allowed Denmark to do it because they were "Aryan." Many countries like Latvia and France and Serbia happily rounded up all their jews no questions asked and sent them to the slaughter.

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