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Originally Posted by alenleomessi
well that sounds good, but isnt recovery time very important for gaining muscle mass?

my main priority is gaining muscle mass, and then everything that comes with it like strength and conditioning

i also lost all the flexibility in my legs and my vertical is pretty pathetic, and with all the bad conditioning not sure how ill play basketball this summer... hell ill probably die in the swimming pool

Recovery time is important, of course. You can do that the whole rest of the day.

Its fine to do a circuit set, even if you want to build muscle. Its simply going to tear down more muscle fibres at a time, keep your heart rate up, etc. Its actually great for getting through plateaus on your lifts; at least personally in my experience. Plus you're still challenging yourself strength wise, and as your body fatigues, you're training your body to get stronger at its weakest, that way becoming stronger at its strongest as well.

Your rest between sets is important for your strength lifts, if you're going extremely heavy doing heavy singles or doubles. You want a 3 or 4 minute break in between each lift. But this circuit type set shocks your system, breaks down your muscle, and is actually a very good muscle builder.
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