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Default Re: my top 15 QBs that have no ring

The passing game was different in the past. That's why you see a lot of the older QBs with mediocre looking ratings and why it's dominated by recent QBs. It's hard to compare recent QBs to older ones. I'm guessing you're not counting pre-SB QBs. Others to consider:

Sonny Jurgensen - 5-time Pro Bowler, HOF'er. How do you leave him out?
Roman Gabriel - 4-time Pro Bowler, 1-time MVP. He probably should be up there.
Mark Brunell - I wasn't a big fan of him on the Redskins, but he did lead us to the playoffs, and he had a pretty good career
Trent Green - Career too short?
Philip Rivers - You mention Vick and Romo, but not him?

Other compilers - John Hadl, John Brodie, Jim Hart, Jim Everett, Norm Snead, Steve DeBerg, George Blanda (he played forever)

I've looked at some similar lists and yours is the best I've seen.
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