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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

How many last minute shots has Melo taken this year for us to declare he's no longer clutch? lol Those 2 freethrows seemed mighty clutch to me. That shot was a good look. Hit back iron. I would have liked to see something going toward the basket but w/e. Not a bad play. That OT killed us though. No execution. Melo only took 2 shots. JR was forcing it a bit but worst of all, Nate Robinson annihilated us. Jason Kidd played like absolute garbage last night and nobody seemed to want to point that out. You know I have no problems doing so. I can't, for the life of me, see why he needed to play over 35 minutes. Shumpert only played like 26 and he was perfect from the field with no TO's and a steal. Woody has to start letting this guy get some consistent minutes in crunch time.

Overall, like Knickscity said, this wasn't that bad of a loss. Both teams were hit bad with injuries and we only had 9 guys. Well 8 1/2 because James White clearly has no shot at ever being a factor for the Knicks again lol. I really don't get why we just don't cut him and sign someone who can contribute. He's done nothing all season and now Woody seems to have him in his infamous dog house.
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