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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

Originally Posted by millwad
I really want to believe that and these guys are nothing like the people I met when I was in East Asia and I always get amazed by the East Asian culture and history. I have no racist beliefs when it comes to asians or anyone else, don't get fooled by my lame punchlines about Godzuki, those were only because I wanted him to freak out.

But seriously, I've seen too many socially retarded and dirty exchange students from East Asia. I'm starting to think that these are the kids that have rich parents and who never had to work on their personalities or anything else because they were born with a silver spoon, it's mind boggling to see how these guys behave and how they interact with people who are not from the same country as themselves.
I am Vietnamese so I'd like to think I have some insight on this. FOBS are borderline retarded. They are rude as shit and have no social manners. Last time I was at the Lourve, some old chinese woman stepped across the rope barrier and started touching a painting. I just had to SMH. Alot of it is just the way people are raised, they have to really hustle for everything or else they get taken advantage of, that translates into no social skills whatsoever.
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