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Originally Posted by sixerfan82
Hopefully the version of excel that you're using comes with a tutorial on reading comprehension as ""use SQL Server for everything" is no where to be found in any post I made. Now being able to handle upwards of +100 million rows is great, but who's doing to do that manually? walmart certainly isn't and neither would any e-commerce site worth a damn.

My suggestion was based in quality of the datasource, as using an actual database to store the data is highly suggested, especially with most companies switching(if they haven't already) to a web based model that presents itself as a service.

In terms of data analysis, yes, you can use excel for charts, but I would recommend against it for storing data. You can make the same charts though using jQuery and HTML5

Lol. What you actually said is this:

Originally Posted by sixerfan82
when it comes to sex, i excel....

anyway, i laugh at companies who still use excel. store your data in sql server and the value of your data will increase 10 fold

Virtually every successful company still uses Excel is some form. You sound like an idiot.
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