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Default Re: Rufus, are you really a dentist?

Originally Posted by Meticode
Do you brush your tongue? While a lot of odor causing bacteria exists between the teeth (this is evident when you floss too sometimes if you don't brush for a couple days), your tongue contains an enormous amount of bacteria. While a lot of it is good for breaking down food, other bacteria causes the order. Brushing your tongue softly not to damage it (taste buds) will help with the stinky breath issue.

While I'm not a dentist I've done this in the past and it does help.

My tongue doesn't really smell that bad.

If a tongue does stink it is a result of something going on elsewhere. Somebody's tongue doesn't just stink. I had a impacted wisdom teeth in the back of my jaw that made my tongue stink pretty bad. Once I removed that wisdom tooth the odour on my tongue decreased alot.
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