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Default Re: How to improve your pullup?

I run a drill that I got from my Sr year HS coach, where you dribble a couple cones, then shoot a pull going toward the middle, and another toward the block.

But the focul point is the feet in the pull up. We always really sort of jam that lead foot, right if you're going right, and left if you're going left, into the court. I was taught to pick that leg up back at the knee, and really kick it into the court to make the sqeak noise, and that will help you transfer that forward or sideways even momentum into vertical, and let you get up square to release.

For full disclosure, I hated this ****ing drill. It looks silly for one. But over time I found it actually helped a lot.

One of my other issues with it is that generally, I don't think it's a great shot. I hate, absolutely hate, the pull up on the fast break. I'd rather my kids get a charge called on them. My belief is to push it to the basket until you get a layup, get fouled, or get someone else a layup. And if you're genuinely cut off with legal contact, roll the dribble out and reset. But to me that pull up can be gotten within the offense without using up a break opportunity on it.

And you're seeing this born out with a lot of the NBA metrics these days. Everyone wants shots in the paint, and shots from the corner threes. Defenses are playing guys into these shots because they're the least yield. Of course that raises the question of what happens if someone can turn that shot into a strength, then what. But either way, it's not my favorite shot. I'm more comfortable with floaters or strange released layups, and sort of strafing through a defense to get them. And frankly my favorite thing about a pull up is that if I hit one or two, I can use that chop step as something of a shot fake from then on.
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