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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

glad we lost, no reason to be tripping like this, i was actually rooting for us to lose, but half of me wanted that streak to continue, but it is what it is and its a great thing we lost...we just have to take care of business against atlanta for the most part, this loss keeps chicago out of our playoff bracket for one day atleast, hope chicago can keep winning and atlanta keeps losing
indy/chi will be a terrible 2nd round opponent for us if we are not healthy, and if this loss mean we can take chicago out of the equation, then i gladly take it. i wouldnt be surprised if atlanta were able to take out indy either, they split the seasons series, and if we go on a slide and end up at the 3, we'd have atlanta to fall on.

coaching was terrible last night, you have 9 guys, yet you play 7 guys the whole night, against a team thats physical, and the playoffs 2 weeks away. felton gave us a scare which shows you how woodson does not know how to coach a playoff team, he drove 7 guys into the ground for no reason and can expect the same tonight
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