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Default Re: 1on1 moves against taller, longer defenders

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
The chop step I just posted about in the pull up section is ideal for guys like this. You want to put yourself in a position where you can do one of two things, and you're playing off their reaction.

Also drag dribbles around the hoop help a lot too. If you beat a guy and he really is a threat to block you from behind, pull the dribble to the side last second and throw up a little floater fade if you can make it consistently enough.
Use the rim to protect your shot. Reverses with either hand, or even finishing lefty from the right side works a lot if a guy is gonna come over your outide shoulder all the time.

The other thing is that getting blocked is not exactly the end of the world. It happens. Frankly if you're not getting blocked, you're not going to the hoop enough. I'd rather my kids get blocked from time to time then throw up a bunch of wild crap just to avoid it that has little shot at going in.

The reverse layup is probably my favorite shot ever but the problem is I'm so short that it doesn't even protect the ball. haha. My release doesn't get anywhere near the rim so it's still kind of like a normal layup attempt in that sense. But it always screws up peoples timing because they're expecting you to go up on the strong side.

When I was a kid my friend used to alwaysss block my layups from behind, so I started going up with my legs pushed out behind me. I always wondered if this was legal. I wouldn't kick necessarily, but as I jumped my legs would point behind me and the defender wasn't able to get close enough. Probably a foul in a real game. haha.

One thing I neverrr do is that little fade you're talking about and I think that can be useful. So you're saying as I'm dribbling towards the hoop, with my man behind me, instead of going up for the layup take a last second dribble towards the baseline and do a fadeaway? I think that is something I could become good at.

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