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Yo bro, pulling up an old thread because I had the exact same problems as you, and have since found a solution.

Lemme guess, you're very athletic, you get the to hoop almost at will, but you can't finish at a high % when you get there??

For me the problem had to do with Focus... not that I didn't focus enough, if anything I probably focused too much... but just on the wrong thing. You're always told to focus on the corner of the square while finishing, and when I was younger this seemed to always work, but now that I'm a fast/athletic slasher coming from all angles, this focus point is not correct all the time any more.

I have changed my Focus to the actual basket on layups/finishes, while still using the backboard (but just not staring down a spot on the backboard like I used to). I realized with the speed of a more athletic game, there's golden rule like "always hit the corner" for finishing. You look at the basket, and have a rough reference for where you want to hit the backboard more in your peripheral.

Focus on getting the ball in the hoop! Use the backboard to put it gently in, wherever that happens to be - a lot of times it's a lower point than the corner, or more inside or outside depending on your attack angle - and see how it works out for you.

Anyone else also Focus more on the basket first & backboard 2nd... rather than strictly on a single point on the backboard for layups??
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