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Default Re: Rufus, are you really a dentist?

Originally Posted by Bandito
Who are they?

Also almighty Rufus, somebody asked a question about a rotten tooth that is applies to me also.

I have a rotten tooth that does not cause pain or bad odor, do I have to take it out now? or maybe get it drill and then fixed with that filling stuff (do not know how it is called in english, too lazy to find a dictionary and translate it)?

Also I have a wisdom that finally came out on the top left of my mouth, do I take it out or just wait?

As a general rule it is never a good idea to have a necrotic tooth in your mouth even if it isn't causing any pain.

I can't answer specific questions because I don't have the information I need (exam and x-rays) to offer sound advice. I'm happy to answer general questions though.

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