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Default Re: Has anyone tried the Ektio breakaways or any Ektio shoes?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
Braces definitely cause injuries, here are a few good reads

The reviews on them look really good though

My biggest concern is when I roll my ankle I usually do it by coming down at an angle. In the video the review said there is no possible way of an ankle roll but when I come down like that somethings got to give

Yeah I seen that review. I did a shoot around today with them on and they feel weird at first but gets better after awhile of running. Then they feel really comfortable it feels similar to a brace but it doesn't hurt my feet like braces do. I still feel somewhat skeptical and paranoid while wearing them but it does seem hard to roll my ankle because of those bumpers on the side. I don't really know about coming down on somebody's foot and you are right something does have to give but I guess the same could be said for braces also. I was actually thinking about returning them but I said I would wait til I actually play a pickup game to see first. It does feel like I have more balance though.
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