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Default Re: Spurs waive Stephen Jackson

Originally Posted by alexd
yeah but with moves like these he keeps his locker room in get attitude and cause problems?gtfo we don t need s coach first and players after.not the other way around.for spurs a players attitude is more important than his talent.i believe pop had reasons to let him loose.spurs is a serious organization that think twice before they act on everything like who players they get who draft etc etc
All well and good, but the name of the game is 'winning'. If SA, as the top or #2 seed, doesn't get to the WCF, Pop is going to get some heat.

I haven't liked his act for while now. His attitude during the brief coach's in-game interview is disgusting. He's gotten away with it for far too long, and it just might backfire if he's not getting deep into the playoffs.

For some reason, he reminds of of Bobby Knight -- an old school 'angryman' who lost touch with the game. Once Duncan retires, Pop will lose a valuable ally in the locker room. Younger players are much less likely to put up with his bs in the long term.
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