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Default Re: How to improve your pullup?

Originally Posted by Element
Those drills sound interesting. I'll try 'em out. Yeah, what I meant by skewing with my release is this:

- My shot is like Russ's, high above the head and I release it near the peak of my jump (which is quite high since I'm athletic)

- When I pull-up off the dribble, my arms only go slightly above my chest around the head area for the relase, and I almost always rush the release unless I do the movements in slow mo

- The rushed release has no follow through

- When going for the pull-up, I don't know how to position my feet beforehand (because atm it feels awkward) and I sometimes even travel lol

^Those are my problems. I'd just like an outline of the mechanics as far as feet and shot release go.

When pulling up straight up try to emulate Carmelo. He's got a lightning quick pull up. You're going to want to set your feet rather quickly and then getting your hands set on the ball where you normally have them placed for a shot. IMO this is the second hardest part, the first being finding the balance you need while in motion. You'll have to practice picking up your dribble into your shot motion while standing still over and over and then you're going to have to practice while running full speed.

For the pull up's while going left and right, the easiest example I can give you is Michael Jordan. What he does to gain balance on these difficult shots is bend his knees inwards to create a balanced base. This prevents a lot of the sliding that tends to happen when you try to stop quickly while moving laterally. Then you have to work on picking the ball up off the dribble and placing it in your shot pocket (much like the way I described it in the first paragraph.) Next comes releasing the ball along your shot line.

The higher your vertical, the longer you can wait to release the ball, but usually you're going to want to release the ball on the way up so that momentum from your legs does not get lost (when you hold on to the ball too long you tend to hit the front of the rim)

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