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Default The league just became really boring and watered down.. no more competition

I mean honestly. This year's playoff is just going to be one of the most boring in years.

There is only 1 top team - the Heat. I believe they will win. This is not because I cheer for them, but it's because it's expected. It will be a failure if they don't.

There are 2 semi-contender teams - The Thunder and the Spurs. Thunder? Lost their 3rd best player from last season.. Durant and Westbrook just isn't going to cut it. They have made no improvements. Spurs? They're bit by the injury bug as well.. and they just cut Stephen Jackson. Parker/Ginobilli are injury prone, and Duncan is quite old.

The rest? Middle level teams that have no chance at the title.

What's the point of watching this playoffs? Watch the Heat play the Bucks and the Nets in the 1st two rounds? Everyone knows the Heat will win. It is no big accomplishment, everyone expects it.
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