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Default Re: 2012/2013 UEFA Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by Andrew Wiggins
scared or not, clowns acting like bayern is a definitive favorite is hilarious. even with barca's injuries, it's an even duel at worst.

Clowns acting like Barca has won already is more hilarious.

That team is nothing but a bunch of a*shole floppers. Seing Jordi Alba v PSG in the 2nd leg almost made me vomit.

Lavezzi fouls him. Lavezzi shows sportsmanship by trying to give Alba a hand. He touches by accident Alba's head and Alba starts freaking out and screaming to the ref that he hit him in the ear. Then Lucas fouls him, and he starts yelling to the coach that his head hurts.

How can you respect a team that barely shows any sportsmanship in the most popular sport in the world.

This team, throughout their accomplishments, will be remembered by all their dirty tactics and their sh*i diving.

Now back at Bayern. While I dont necessarily support Bayern, they beat Juventus because they did not flop. I have seen the games and Juventus flopping was ridiculous. The Germans stood up and played the game. Did not make unnecessary dives and did not wait for the ref to gift them the foul. In fact, the only German I know to flop in a regular basis is Mario Gotze.

While , unlike some morons here, I dont guarantee Bayern to win, I am inclined more towards Bayern beating Barcelona in this tournament.
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