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Default Re: 1on1 moves against taller, longer defenders

The key isn't doing this move or that move....shammond / spins/ in and outs / mirror's good to have them in your arsenal, but for me it's about getting the space to get your shot/layup off, so being shorter you need:

1. Fakes.
2. Change of speed and direction, go horizontal and euro step from time to time.
3. Seal off with your body or with your off hand (this is illegal but rarely called)

And by the sounds of it, the defender is guessing what you're doing, so you're being too predictable.

As per Rake2004's advice, Try give and S.Curry, he does that a lot with back cuts.

And the last thing, confidence! If you are intimidated by his defence than you are already at a disadvantage. And all your moves will be half hearted and become even easier to defend.
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