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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by steve
Yeah, unless Wiggins' only basketball contribution next season is literally defecating at center court, it's hard to imagine his draft stock changing dramatically. Still, I don't see him going to Kentucky because it's probably the place where he's going to have the least amount of enjoyment in his one college season.

Kentucky regardless of whether Wiggins commits with them or not are going to be the favorites going into the season. Not only do they have 6 of the top 20 recruits coming in next season (which considering how tight Calipari does tend to keep his rotation would probably be enough), but it looks as though Cauley and Poythress are coming back as well. Wiggins would still most likely be the most talented and best player on the team but he'd be sacrificing a good bit (stylistically and personally) playing on this team, which might suit him better for the pros, but might not necessarily be what a 18 year old kid wants to do.

Personally, I think UNC and Kansas are in the mix because they're normally in the mix, but I don't necessarily see them being serious contenders for him (although I could be entirely wrong). FSU to me is the most intriguing though. Not only for the reasons that have been stated in thread already, but FSU is something of a rising team. They didn't do poorly in the ACC last season and even though they're losing their top player in Snaer, the rest of their rotation is returning on top of having a pretty decent recruiting class (Wiggins best is fairly talented in his own right). FSU is probably an NCAA tournament next season anyway and with Wiggins could a be a real threat to do something special next season. FSU would be my guess for his one year college destination (which might be wishful thinking on my part).

Being the best player on the best team in the country, maybe the best team ever, wouldn't be fun?
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