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Default Re: How to improve your pullup?

Before we even discuss your pull up, do you hit 8-9 out of ten near the free throw line, elbows of freethrow lines, or a foot out from the free throw from stationary?

If you can't do that, then you need to forget pullup J and work on stationary shots first.

Reason is when you pull up for a jumpshot, other factors such as balance, vert, and your release all become more difficult, e.g. if you have a slow release than pull up J's are made more difficult because the amount of time you need to take in the air to let go of your shot...

I got a friend who has the worse looking shot ever, he jumps, slings the ball to his shoulder then let's it go, he almosts travels everytime he tries a pull up J, as a result he practically never makes them...

last tip, square your shoulders to the hoop...

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