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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Originally Posted by IGotACoolStory
It's interesting that Wiggins' would respond to this claim, when at some point he was called to every school on his list by a somewhat credible media person. Mark Seidel went on record saying Wiggins would choose UNC. Several different people have said Wiggins to UK. I heard rumors that Wiggins silent committed to Cal on his 15 minute visit before the McD game... Probably Kansas at some point.

Wiggins showed his hand by responding, imo. Seems to me like that guy who definitely said Wiggins would commit to FSU last night just wanted to go on record before anyone else so he could use it to claim his fame.

That line of thinking paired with that Wiggins never really seemed all that interested in the recruiting process and multiple reports stating that his parents want him at FSU... Nevermind that it was Wiggins' parents who decided he would reclassify when he did and that coaches needed to convince Mitchell Wiggins, not Andrew on which school to attend... It kind of adds up to FSU.

I don't think he showed his hand at all, this was a significant member of the media reporting that he had made a decision. If it wasn't true, he had to respond.
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