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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
Did you actually do the math, or are you pulling those numbers from your rectum?

Durant has two games left. If Melo stays at 28.71 then Durant would need to score 104 points in the next 2 games.That's 52 per game.
If Melo has a horrible game against Indiana and scores 10 points he would be at 28.43
Even then Durant would need to score 81 points in the next 2 games to overtake him,which means 40.5 per game.

Durant isn't taking a lot of shots lately and his scoring average is dropping. Also is much tougher for him to raise his average because he's played more games than Melo. Unless something crazy happens,Melo has that scoring title locked up.

Check it by yourself if you don't trust me,it isn't hard to calculate.

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