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Default Re: Should the Knicks tank to get the 3rd seed ?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Who says the Hawks are a better matchup?

Personally i wouldn't want our backcourt chasing teague all over the place, and Korver lighting us up from three.

Plus I'm sure free agent in waiting Josh Smith would love nothing more to solidify his money status by beating the Knicks.

The Hawks have their record for a reason.

The are better than old ass Boston.

This team has proven Boston is dead.
Josh Smith sucks. Jeff Teague isn't the guy who's going to knock you out of the playoffs. But Paul Pierce is.

I don't care about the record. Celtics are much better than the Hawks.

Hawks are a bunch of mediocre players playing mediocre defense and being mediocre on offense with their best player being a guy who can't shoot to save his life and their arena being MSG south.
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