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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

I used to think it was FSU (and still feel it a bit) with XRM going and the family legacy, but now I see the lure of powder blue to be very strong. UNC has great history, and contend every year, and that is tough to beat.

I think Kentucky is too stacked already and he runs the risk of playing a lesser role (he needs to use this year IMO to practice dominating at a higher level, being a 9.5 with a bunch of 9s and 8.5s won't allow him to do that, the basketball Gods would have it so everyone sacrifices).

As for the late decision, lets not forget he is supposed to be class of 2014 so he is doing this all a bit rushed.

Either way, I now have FSU tied with UNC as the favorite (and for those who say FSU is not a decent team next year, do you watch college ball? it doesn't take much to be a good team these days and a blue chipper along with the best prospect we've seen in a while is more than enough to bring them back), but I think UNC has a real chance.
Also, how the tournament goes is really irrelevant, Kevin Durant was on a decent Texas team and they didn't do squat. Didn't hurt him one iota.

The goal for him this year is to go somewhere and be the man, get as many touches as possible at this higher level (though is it really that much higher than some of the better AAU battles?) and work your butt off in practice and during your free time. I like the Roy Williams angle in this regard, I think he understands what will be expected (in terms of building the foundation for super-stardom) and also knows that Andrew's legacy has the potential to enhance his. MJ's love and respect for Dean Smith did wonders for recruiting and the coach's reputation and legacy.
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