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Default Re: Should the Knicks tank to get the 3rd seed ?

Originally Posted by Clutch
I really hope you're right but I think they still have something left in the tank.

We'll see soon. Celtics play mental games and this Knicks team gets frustrated pretty easily. Also Pierce always gets up for us,especially at MSG. That's my two main concerns.
I honestly dont see Boston doing the mental aspect again, not that it might not work, but because I'm positive this series will be tightly officiated and the players will be allowed to play if the sidebar stuff is gone.

Pierce hasn't been himself the whole year. he's had one good game against us and still wasn't the reason why they won.

Besides, this team talks championship goals, then should have no issues beating an inferior opponent without their best player.

I would be concerned with Rondo's triple double potential but that is not possible.
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