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Originally Posted by Summit42
I would just like to add this...

I have a low tolerance for the primadona attitude especially in sports. IF (and I stresses IF) this is the case with Boozer and he does want out of Utah.

Strike one was the entire coming to Utah issue (I am sure there is still plenty going on in the Cav's Forum about this one). Strike two he possibly wants to go to a larger market. That leaves Carlos with one final chance to not go down in NBA history as a Ron Artest a**hat.

Boozer has never proven himself here with the Jazz, if anything at all he market value has decreased. Carlos needs to play at least one full season before he even considers moving to a new team. The Jazz also need to realize that with the reputation that Boozer is forming that they are going to get rock bottom for him and his primadona attitude.

Dude, go smoke some more crack. You know nothing about Carlos Boozer.

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