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Default Re: Good to see the team striving at seasons end ..

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
The Raptors are good at these "false hope" meaningless wins at the end of the season. But like every other time, they are meaningless when it comes to the next year if you still ahve the same roster. I'm sure the management can't wait to talk about the "progress of the team over these two weeks". I imagine that we're going to be fed that BS all off-season.

Honestly I was floored seeing all the headlines at our major media outlets' websites about how encouraging the last two weeks have been going into next year. It's like there's a widespread case of amnesia for the past 5 years where we always make these pointless surges against teams half-assing the last month of the year either because they're tanking or prepping for the playoffs, and then we still suck the next season.

But what about the Leafs last year some may say who made a late push and now are playoff-bound this year? Well, last year they surged under a new coach who was hired at year end, then in the offseason added one of their top scorers now (JVR), had the new coach allow a previously buried-in-the-minors player with high ceiling come up and play who is now our top scorer (Kadri) and we now have steady goaltending after our #1 tender got time to fully rebound from his concussions. Finally, we got hot in a shortened season. Are there any similar factors at play for the Raps? No? Didn't think so.

I also find it funny that the same writers telling us (rightly) not to read too much into the Jays' first two weeks of the season vs. the whole year to come, want us (wrongly) to read alot into the last two weeks of the Raps' year. Oh the hypocrisy.
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