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Default Re: Best 2 Guards of this years draft class?

Smart being a PG is an NBA GM/scout/whatever thing, imo. They also thought Jamal Crawford might play PG out of college and same with Jalen Rose. Just because the guy has point skills it doesn't make him a point guard.

I think he will measure between 6-4 - 6-5 in shoes and his wingspan looks long... I can't find an official measurement from a high school camp, but I would say he'll be comparable to Bradley Beal in terms of height and length.

And I would choose him defensively over Oladipo. Oladipo is a bit better athlete, but you can't underestimate the importance of strength and physicality when it comes to ball pressure and Smart is well above average in both accounts for either guard position.

McLemore is a really good spot up shooter. Still don't see much off the dribble and his off the ball movement needs improvement since his ability to create his own shot is very average, if that. You can argue someone like C.J. McCollum or Seth Curry is a better shooter. Although considering the entire package, McLemore obviously has the best combination of shooting ability and upside in the draft.

McLemore for the third question. He's a pretty underrated defensive player.

Outside of Smart, I'm not big fan of any of these guys.
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