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Originally Posted by Scholar
I don't know what most of your post means, but I play Team-Up all the time on PS3. I hate playing random matches because if the team isn't to everyone's liking or some other sorry excuse like that, people start quitting. And once 2-3 people quit, everyone else follows suit until there's only 2-3 people left.

The most annoying thing is when you actually play in someone's locker room and everyone waits for 10 people to join, there are almost always a few idiots who quit once the game starts, which pisses me off because it's like, if you didn't want to play, why the hell did you join?

What you mean by you don't know what most of my posts mean? I have xbox though and its pretty much the same. I'm trying to find more people so we could play together on 360. Team up is my favorite mode on 2k13. Really the only mode I play
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