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Default Re: How to improve your pullup?

those who are best at the pull up are the ones that are able to transfer their forward momentum quickly into their vertical leap. in order to do this you must have total balance when you are shooting

this is probably why you think you are better shooting fadeaways. As much as i can preach to you about always jumping with your feet and shoulders square, some people are just better shooting that shot than a regular pull up. If that is the case, i would say you have stronger muscle memory on your fadeaway because you use it more and that you need to work on developing that with your pull up

no frills, you just need to practice it. Granted, you must get the footwork down, but its easy, you just have to take it really slow , but most people don't want to do that for some reason, like it's beneath them to do that or something, i dont really know.

Anyways here is a sample workout that I do, and most my players do.

1) 1 dribble pull ups to the left off the catch (planting right-left)

2) " " right off the catch (planting left-right)

3) same thing as 1 and 2, but 2 dribble pull ups

4) start at half court and use a chair or something and dribble up normal then make a hesitation move or crossover, then immediately afterwards, a 1 dribble pullup. Then do the same with 2 dribbles.

You can do this from all over the court I usually do it from 5 spots (corner, elbow extended on both sides, top of the key) but you can do it with 7 as well (in between corner and elbow extended)

I usually do this (when I have time) to work out any hitches in my jumper. First I try to make 5, then once I make 5 I will take 10 shots and record my score. If I get lower than 5 i go again.
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