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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

I did not say that Croatia was perfect. I am not proud of Ustasha history my country had. I have to tell you not all Croatians were Ustasha.

Nowadays Ustasha and their followers are looked upon as people living in the past and dreaming of something that does not exist. Wearing Ustasha symbols is not permitted in Croatia.

I wonder is it same for Chetniks and Serbia? My grandma's village was burnt during the WWII.

I know about Jews and the Ottoman Empire. That were also hard times for people on these lands. For example kids would be taken from their mothers in Croatia, Serbia and taught muslim religion. Some of them were the best warriors Turks ever had.

You and me know history is really hard to tell in this region. Even our historians can't get a long with a lot of facts.

I was mainly speaking about Serbian state of mind that seems to never change. That is only bad for you guys. We have been neighbors for so many years, we married your girls and you guys married our girls. Your and my people went to universities all across Croatia and Serbia.

We accepted the European Union and its values. I sincerely hope you guys will someday too. For that to happen you have to change and you have to say sorry for all the wrongs you did in the past (I am especially talking about the Homeland War).

You guys see that even the International Community is not buying your stories and excuses.

When those positive things happen then in some near future maybe we can build Europe together and not just the Balkans!
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