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Default Re: East asian exchange students - your experience?

My family were all Partizans in World War 2. My family faught against the Ustase, Nazis and the Cetniks. I dont support the Cetniks, but you cant compare them to the Ustase.

Cetniks were the first armed resistence in occupied Europe, fighting Nazis before it was cool! Theres a reason its leader Draza Mihajlovic was rewarded the highest military honor by the United States of America after ww2 (The Legion of Merit) and French President Charles De Gaulle called him a "True Hero" and refused to ever meet Tito because he executed him . They also saved 500 stranded American pilots during the war and saved many Serbian lives (Which of cors im thankful for). And if theyre so bad why are Cetniks and their families allowed to walk side by side in Rememberance Marches with other Allied forces throughout America, Canada, Australia, England and France?

There are some negative aspects of the Cetniks though. Some splinter groups were definately involved in massacres of Croatian and Muslim populations, and im very sorry to hear that. Others joined with the Nazis to stop spread of Communism. Others chose not to fight at all. But these were in the minority and not part of the Cetnik-proper groups. But then again it was the middle of a war, and Serbians were been butchered in the hundreds of thousands by pro- Nazi Croats and Muslims, so some revenge was bound to happen. Sad, but true.

You need to face cold heart facts that the rest of the World sees the Cetniks as Allies and Heroes. Only in Croatia and Bosnia do they have negative connotations :)

Yes I agree lets let the International Tribune make the final verdict. That joke of a court that hasn't held any French, British, Russian, American, Saudi etc political leaders responsible for the millions of civilian deaths in the last 60 years. The court that picks on small insiginifant countries and tries to preach what the rulers of the world dont practice. The court of fairness, freedom and democracy. Yeah ****en right.

Over this topic :)
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