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Default Re: Should we somehow try to get rid of Amare?

I just don't see a guy poise for a triumphant playoff comeback. I see a guy talking about coaching Canada. I see a guy doing press and marketing. I see a guy doing tons of great charity work. I'm not saying he isn't working hard behind the scenes but I think he's become comfortable with giving us these little glimpses of hope. Let's face it, somehow this fan base, as a whole, has exonerated him from blame. Despite being our teams highest paid player and basically being a no show for 2 playoffs in a row, Melo is the scapegoat for our teams failures. I think Amare has grown to accept that and is beginning to embrace the build ups behind all his return campaigns.

Going forward, regardless of who plays well and who stinks it up come playoff time, Amare needs to be the 1st person held accountable. I'm not getting mad at him for being hurt but he needs to ackowledge, in some way, the difficulties his injuries and contract place on this team.
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