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Default Re: Best 2 Guards of this years draft class?

Originally Posted by imdaman99
hes good, i wouldnt mind him on the knicks because he has athleticism and potential. the thing is, he had to play power forward often in college. mcgary was center while him and glenn robinson III were the forwards. so i think he'll be ok. he won't be asked to play PF in the NBA thats for sure.

the thing is, it was his 3rd year (i think). nowadays dudes come out after 1 year.

tim hardaway has never played the 4 in college.

GRIII was their alternating 4 man this year, they played burke and stauskas at the guard positions interchangeably, and Hardaway Jr. played the three. And that was mostly against teams that use the zone a lot. When teams went man they would use stauskas off the bench with jon horford and Morgan splitting those extra minutes, especially early in the season before McGary started beasting
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