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Thumbs down Re: Is the 2014 NBA Draft gonna be one of the GOAT Drafts?

Originally Posted by dd24
Smart's decision was the opposite of his name.

The point is that you are not Marcus Smart's agent. You are not his financial planner. You are not his cousin or his brother or his coach or his teammate. You are just a random person who doesn't know the kid, trying to understand why he did something that most people probably wouldn't do. Don't assume he has less information. Odds are, after spending a couple weeks in the car wash that is the NBA draft decision timetable, Smart knows more.

It's his life, his career, his sandwich, his decision. Smart's a good college player coming back for another season, and he's not doing so because he can't possibly fathom how much money he's leaving on the table. There's no need to worry. In a year or two or three, Smart's accountant can handle that. In the meantime: enjoy.
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