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Default Re: SHEED RETIRES: Rasheed Wallace is now retired

If you line up the TOTAL PACKAGE of skills on both sides of the ball, Sheed doesn't have to take a backseat to damn near anybody amongst PF's. Sure u got KG and Timmy. But Sheed could flat stroke it from three, so much so he had stretch PF capabilities. But yet Sheed was very good-great defensively and could defend three positions. Sheed, KG, and Timmy all redefined PF and frankly were more well rounded total package wise than the other great PF's. Sheed combined elements of Duncan, Dirk, and KG all into one SICK! But he wasn't as dominant as those three and thus all three were CLEARLY better players and true HOFers. Sheed on the other hand had the talent to actually be on par,hell POSSIBLY BETTER than all three, but didn't apply it to get to that level. Thus missing out on the HOF. True case of a player that was TOO UNSELFISH when it came to individual accolades. It's really the only thing that held Sheed back from that true HOF level.
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