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Weatherspoon was rubbish, He had two good seasons, his rookie year and his sophmore year, after that he was absolute garbage.

and I didn't even need to see 76er games to make a statement about Weatherspoon, he was a tub-o-lard. Corliss Williamson without the post game. Basically Bo Outlaw

Weatherspoon is end of the bench fodder, and anyone that thinks otherwise is a moron. How many games did those Phily teams win with Weatherspoon stat-whoring? Was he ever on a winning team with a prominent role?

Anyone that is debating that Weatherspoon was more than bench fodder is an idiot. Spoon is a 6'6" (at best) power forward with no offensive game to speak of, and questionable defense. No perimeter game either, all he had was athleticism in his younger days and 6 fouls.

Now I'd like both of you to debate that Corliss Williamson (Spoon) is equal to Pau Gasol (Dino).

Never said I have seen Weatherspoon as a 6er

CED talkin out his ass, didnt see Spoon play admittingly yet is breaking down his game as a Sixer. How did he do this? Dunno...
Offensive rebound put backs. Dunks. A little bit of back to the basketwork ala Charles Barkley, but with a limited reportaire. Basically scores and rebounds on will and physical strength. Was a good man to man and helpside defender when he was younger and had athleticism.

Bo Outlaw has had 40+ point games in summer league, what do you read into that?

Shawn Marion is also a good comparison, what offensive game does he have?

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